Monique Plunkett Staghorn

Melbourne based plant stylist and horticulturist Monique Plunkett has been gardening since she was a child. Having requested a weeding tool for Christmas at age 4. She grew up exploring bush lands and spent time in her parents and grandparent's garden.

Monique has industry experience, in sales, marketing and designing gardens, balcony and interior spaces.

Monique launched STAGHORN in 2014 using her favourite namesake plant 'Staghorn' Platycerium superbum creating the Superbum Series:  A collection of three hanging wall designs; Squarebob, Captain and Kind Trophy
This great collection of plaque designs bought out the quirky character of the native Staghorn Ferns. The name Superbum came from the Staghorn's latin name Platycerium 'superbum'

superbum - derives from the Latin superbus meaning 'superb'
'They are pretty 'Superb' but the kid in me can't help have a giggle at their namesake Superbum, I hope you enjoy then as much as I do creating them' xx

Photo credit Sally Wilson