Superbum, Plant-lift

It's been nearly a year since Staghorn came onto the plant scene. I can't quiet believe it myself, It's been a wonderful journey so far seeing things grow and evolve. Almost worth it just for the endless plant puns :)


As the season's roll around it's time for Staghorn's Superbums to have a 'plant-lift', with the redesign of the backing shields. It was so fun developing the first plywood shields and planting them up with the majestic Stags. I hope they are growing wonderfully in their homes around Melbourne and Sydney.

The new range of Staghorn Superbum shields will be made of recycled timber cladding!  There will be new shapes and smaller shields to be revealed featuring baby Elkhorns and airplants. I can't wait to share them with you all. But for now here's a little hooray to the original Superbums mounted on Marine plywood and a few pics to go with it. 

staghor nsuperbum