Body Freedom Day Spa - Install

Recently Staghorn had the pleasure to work with Body Freedom Day Spa in South Melbourne in creating new botanical arrangements throughout the Day Spa. 

Working closely with Jacqueline the co-owner of the Day Spa, we bought together a colourful grouping of mixed planters for the front area. Planted with upright native grass Dianella Silver Stripe, a low colourful Heuchera and clippings of green and black Aeonium from  Jacqueline's garden.


A floating garden was installed featuring 3 kokedama's dropping from a impressive branch of Jacqueline's. Creating a beautiful outlook from the waiting area. Just inside the waiting area a low botanical feature was created using Jacqueline's nest, with ferns and air plants.

It was fabulous to have the opportunity to create such different groupings of plants and such a lovely client to work with.
Looking forward to creating the Summer botanical design in the 'very' near future.