Elk Babe Trophy - Shield

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Elk Babe Trophy - Shield


Currently only PICK UP from Northcote, Melbourne.

Baby Elkhorns, Platycerium Bifurcatum provide a beautiful living display with just the right amount of care. Perfect hanging inside and out, in bright indirect sun light and a sheltered spot if positioned outside.

Elkhorn’s get their names from their antler-like fronds, these epiphytic ferns are native to Australia and grow naturally in tree branches and trucks, absorbing water and nutrients from the air.

Elkhorn's have two fronds, their distinctive ‘antler like fronds’ and 'green nest fronds', that act as a shield covering the roots of the fern. It starts out green and turns into a papery bronze over time. This is a natural process, with the cycle continuing with new green shields replacing them.

Each Elkhorn is mounted on Marine Ply (the colour of the timber depending on availability at the time), these are handmade by Staghorn and finished with a water based oil.

Each trophy is approx 25cm wide with a small hole at the top for hanging. 

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These gorgeous Elkhorn’s are pretty easy to care for, provide them with a regular misting, and occasionally run a tap over the whole fern. Placing them outside when it rains will also help them stay healthy.

In hot and dry climates(Melbourne, Summer), Elkhorn's should be soaked weekly; once a week is sufficient in cooler, more humid conditions.
For a more concise overview of Staghorn and Elkhorn care please head here

This Autumn batch of Elkhorn Trophy's are ready for pick up and only currently available for Melbourne customers. Once your order has been made, contact will be made to organise pick up from Northcote, Melbourne.
Please note you will not receive the exact plant pictured but one very similar. Each plant is individual and unique, varying in size, colour and shape.

Unfortunately plants can NOT be sent to TAS, WA or NT due to state regulations.